Customer Care

Caring for your ShageeKnots

These unique and well-loved sandals can accumulate dirt and debris over time. Below are a few tips for cleaning your favorite pair.

Due to packaging, ShageeKnots may appear flat when opened. Just Fluff your ShageeKnots and go!
To clean sandal, wash by hand by wiping with a Shout Wipe & Go brand wipes.

Do Not…

  • Do not use bleach or use other corrosive chemical cleaners. These can damage the straps and destroy the colors
  • Do not wash your ShageeKnots in the dish washer. High heat can damage the soles
  • Do not wet your ShageeKnots as the fabric will fall
  • Do not place sandals in the dryer or near a heat source. High heat can damage the soles

Other Tips and Tricks

  • A fabric softener sheet (one per ShageeKnot sandal) in the sole and tied in a plastic bag overnight will have them smelling fresh and ready for whatever the day throws at you
  • One drop each of cedarwood essential oil and sandalwood essential oil onto each ShageeKnot sandal every day leaves behind a nice scent
  • Foot powder such as Dr. Scholl’s Foot Powder is an excellent odor killer and is a great way to keep your ShageeKnots fresh
  • Wear a different pair of ShageeKnots every day so they have a chance to dry out

How to Store Your ShageeKnots

Store your ShageeKnots away from light and away from damp areas or heaters. We suggest you avoid storing shoes in shoeboxes for long periods of time, especially in humid climates, because the lack of air can negatively affect certain footwear materials and cause your ShageeKnots fabrics to fall.